What is Artboost?

Artboost is an online meeting place where art lovers come to meet artists and buy art pieces directly from them.

Artboost facilitates solely the contact between you and the seller and is therefore not a part in the buying and selling agreement between the two of you.

Artboost is at your service on behalf of Artboost ApS, Danish CVR company-id 35 41 42 23, Founders House, Njalsgade 19D, 1st fl, 2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark.

Acceptance of terms and conditions

When you use artboost, you accept the following terms and conditions.

Use of Artboost

It is free for you to use and create a profile at artboost.com

Your use of Artboost must happen in accordance with good internet customs. This means, amongst others, that you are not allowed to condescend, offend or ridicule others or the art that is portrayed on Artboost. Likewise, you may not upload or direct to illegal and/or offensive content. Artboost reserves the right to independently decide whether or not your behavior is in accordance with good internet customs.

If Artboost finds your behavior to be in conflict with good internet customs, Artboost reserves the right to edit or delete your comments and content alongside the right to ultimately terminate your account.

Artboost is at any given moment authorized to terminate your profile.

Artboost is at any given moment authorized to edit all contents on artboost.com

Your information

When you create a profile on artboost, you commit to providing correct and actual information. Information may not be misleading.

Personal data

Artboost reserves the right to share your data with other under following circumstances:

  • When you make a request to buy an art piece, the seller will gain access to the data visible to you during the order-process. You will be asked to authorize the data before they are sent to the seller.
  • When you create your profile on Artboost, some of the personal information you input will be part of your public profile. This information will be clearly marked during the creation process, so you know which information will be public.By using your profile on Artboost to navigate the site, comment on and boost art pieces, your public information will be directly visible to other visitors to the site.

Purchasing of art pieces

When you find an artwork on Artboost that you wish to buy, you can send the seller a request to buy the artwork. This happens automatically when you proceed with the buying process on Artboost.

During the buying process on Artboost, you initiate the process by requesting the seller to sell the artwork, contrary to a regular buying process art where the seller offers you to buy. This difference is significant in the sense that it means that the seller can refuse to sell you an artwork, even though you have initiated the buying-process.

This process has been chosen by Artboost, partly because the process is not directly regulated by Artboost and therefore requires a different method of reaching consensus between buyer and seller. Furthermore, sellers often sell unique artworks that may already have been sold elsewhere.

When buying an artwork from an international seller, beware that you might be liable for customs and taxes.


When a seller approves your request, you are obliged to complete the payment, as would you have signed a written agreement. Likewise, once the payment is complete, the seller is obliged to deliver the artwork in accordance with the terms and conditions chosen during the order process.

When the seller documents delivery, the order is regarded as complete. Some sellers may choose to offer return, which give you further options. The seller is not obliged to provide an option of returns – to read more about this, proceed to returns policy

Artboost does not guarantee that information provided by sellers are correct.


When a seller on Artboost accepts your request to buy an artwork, the seller is obliged to deliver the artwork.

Shipment happens at yours, the buyers, risk. This means that if the seller has packaged the artwork responsibly, you can not make a claim to the seller in case it has been damaged or lost during shipment.

As such, Artboost recommends that you make sure that the artwork is insured during shipment.

When you request to buy an artwork on Artboost, you will be able to see whether or not the artwork is insured. In some cases, you may be able to buy a shipping-insurance, if it is not already included in the shipping cost.

Returns policy

On Artboost, the seller can choose to offer returns. If the seller offers this, it will be visible on their artwork.

Artboost supplies a tool for returns which simplifies the process of returning an artwork for the buyer and seller. With Artboosts returns-tool, a buyer can start a refunding process, as long as the seller permits it.

Afterward, the seller can refund the due amount with the returns-tool (shipping and insurance costs not included). There is no extra charge or fee associated with using the returns-tool.


When you create a profile on artboost.com, you accept to receive newsletters from Artboost.

The newsletter primarily contains news associated with Artboost services, tools, features, and events. Furthermore, emails may contain ads and offer from third parties. If you no longer wish to receive the newsletters, you will be able to cancel them in the bottom of a newsletter.

Intellectual property

The artwork shown on Artboost is protected by copyright and may be protected by other rights such as trademarks or design rights.

You accept not to violate these rights, and that you have been made aware of these rights.


The use of Artboost is at your own risk. You can not make a claim towards Artboost as a result of a direct or indirect loss, and Artboost reserves the right to renounce any responsibility in accordance with applicable law.

You must be especially aware that you can not make a claim towards Artboost under any of the following circumstances. These circumstances are by no means exhaustive, and as such additional circumstances may be just as relevant:

  • If the identity of the seller is not correct.
  • If Artboost is hacked and your personal data is spread as a result.
  • If a purchase made on Artboost does not meet expectations
  • If an artwork is damaged or lost during transport, or the seller does not send the artwork, in spite of having informed otherwise.
  • If the seller is not able to sell the artwork anyway, and you, as a result, take a loss.
  • If you return the artwork but do not receive a refund.
  • If Artboost portrays art that you feel violates you.

Changes to terms and conditions

These terms and conditions may be changed without notice or warning.

By using Artboost, you accept that your use is in accordance with the most recent terms and conditions that you may find on Artboost.

In case changes happen to the terms and conditions that you do not accept, you are obliged to refrain from using Artboost as of the date of the changes.

Prior to you using Artboost, it is at any given moment your responsibility to stay up to date with the terms and conditions on Artboost to make sure that you accept them.

Choice of law and venue

Any dispute between you and Artboost, that arise from your use of Artboost, must be decided by danish law at the court in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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