The dashboard is the heart of your Artboost profile. It's where you add new artworks from, where you manage your excising artwork and the home for all your settings.

Here's a quick breakdown the main features.


The top navigation panel has your general settings and most importantly, the artworks tab.
On the Dashboard tab, you'll find a quick overview of messages and quick insights.
The the Artworks tab, you add and edit all your artworks from
On the Orders tab, you manage your orders and shipments, and have an overview of all your sales
The Audience tab is coming soon
The Insights tab is coming soon
On the Settings tab, you'll set your general settings for your Artboost profile.

Below that, your platforms can be edited.
The Artboost tab will take your to your marketplace gallery
The Custom shop tab will take you to your overview and editor
The Facebook tab is coming soon
The Instagram tab is coming soon

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