9/10 of artists think that having a personal website is important. It's a way of showing your personality online and a place to direct followers and potential buyers to.

But what if you could also add a professional webshop to your online presence with just a few clicks?

With a Custom shop that's now possible and below we've outlined some of the main benefits that comes with it:

Personal webshop

On the marketplace it's free to add your art, but you also share the space with thousands of other artists. With a personal webshop, you show your art to visitors, which in turn keeps their focus and increase conversions.

Easy to set up, easy to use

If you already have a gallery on Artboost, your Custom shop will already be populated with your artworks. With a few clicks you can customize the styling, and activate your shop. Whenever you add an artwork on Artboost it will immediately be updated on both the marketplace and your Custom shop. 

0% commission

On the free marketplace you pay 15% commission, but when you sell through your Custom shop you pay no commission. This means that your custom shop will pay for itself after just a few sales.  

Getting started is painless and only takes a few minutes. To go to your Custom shop, click the link below.

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