Great to see that you're interested in getting started with a Custom shop. This guide will help you setting up your Custom shop in just a few easy steps.


To get started with your Custom shop you'll need some art on your Artboost account. If you have yet to upload your first artwork, you can get started on your dashboard, or if you're browsing from a computer you can follow this guide: 

Quick setup guide

Your Custom shop will mirror your already existing Artboost gallery, so let's dive straight into setting it up in three small steps:

  1. Design an awesome Custom shop from your dashboard to show customers and followers (the record to set it up is 64 seconds)
  2. Link to your Custom shop from your website and/or social media accounts (takes about 90 seconds)
  3. Kick back, relax and watch your Custom shop convert followers into buyers for you

Simple as that.

To start setting up your Custom shop, simply navigate to the dashboard and click on the link that reads 'Custom shop'.

(note: you can only edit your Custom shop from a computer or tablet)

Need Help with your Custom shop?

Feel free to reach out if you need help setting up or linking to your Custom shop, we're happy to help.

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