Make your gallery exciting

It is a good idea to make your gallery exciting and informative; customers should have the opportunity to explore and learn something about you as an artist when they visit your site. But what exactly does an “exciting” gallery look like, and how can you create one? This article will get you started on promoting your art and creating an Artboost gallery unique to you.

Here are some general tips and tricks to start out:

Update your Artboost gallery with all your work (or as much work as you can manage). Include work that’s currently for sale and work that has already been sold. This provides insight into how active you are and helps to confirm that others are also interested in your art. Many viewers find it interesting to read a description of how you created the piece, along with the history and motivations behind it. When was the work completed, what inspired you, and what materials and methods did you use?

Make sure the pictures are true, meaning the colors are right in the pictures, and the picture quality is high – If needed, see our other guide: How to Take Good Pictures! It is also a good idea to upload different images of the same piece to give customers a full appreciation of it.

Post a well-written biography which tells people about yourself – things like your background, how you got started, what inspires you to create, etc. This is also the place to brag about other exhibits and galleries you have been apart of, your education, and courses you’ve taken, so don’t be afraid to go all out! You can add these by visiting Edit Profile.

Create your personal URL

Artboost automatically assigns you a URL for your profile, such as You can create your own personal URL under Edit Profile (e.g.

Make sure your personal URL is short and catchy, but also lets people know that it’s *yours*. Feel free to base the URL off of other media you use (such as your twitter handle). Furthermore, a personal URL that is obviously yours will make it easier for people to find when they google search for your work.

Make your art easily searchable

Many buyers have clear preferences and know what they want to buy. Some are interested in a certain genre or a certain medium.

Therefore, it is important that you give each of the pieces you submit the proper categories and keywords so people can find them in Artboost search.

Share your gallery with your network and fans

If you use Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, or other social media, you can invite your fans and followers to Artboost by sharing your gallery. You can do this by using the sharing feature on Artboost or by copying your personal link from your gallery (e.g. If you have a blog, it is also a good idea to link your Artboost gallery to it. Lastly, if you know other artists who would be interested in exhibiting their work, or customers who are looking to purchase something new and exciting, you can refer them through the Artboost site directly. As more people are added, the Artboost community becomes even more vibrant, with artists and customers from across the globe.

Be a good Artbooster – Boost Others to Boost Yourself

Share your opinion with other artists who deserve praise for their work, and they’ll do the same – don’t hesitate to pat someone on the back in the form of a comment or a boost.

Be on the lookout for other tips and tricks on our facebook, twitter, and other social media sites, where we post continuously.

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