Find a piece of art you like

Use our extensive search functionality to look only at art that’s right for you. Options for filtering art include popular artworks, countries, price range, keywords, art styles and more.

Get to know the artist behind the artwork

Each artist has their own profile/gallery where you can read their biography and see their previous exhibitions and more. If you have any questions about a specific piece, you can click on it and leave a comment in the box below the picture. You can also ad artworks for your wish list, and follow the artist to get notifications when they submit a new piece.

Purchase request

When you want to buy an artwork, you have to make a purchase request. Some artists sell their artwork other places too, which means that in a few cases the artwork may already be sold elsewhere. Therefore, the artist may reject your request. Most of the artists answer your request within a few days. If you feel that you’ve waited too long for an answer, you can choose to cancel the order.

Delivery form

You can chat with the artist about delivery or pick-up after you have made your purchase request. Inside “my orders” on your profile, you will find your order-page where it’s possible for you to get in contact as well. 

Pay for the artwork

A transaction will happen as soon as the artist accepts your request. When you have successfully paid, the artist can continue the order process by delivering the artwork. You will get notified when the artwork is shipped. 

Review the artist

When you receive your new artwork, feel free to write a sweet chat message to the artist telling them how happy you are with the artwork. You can also leave a review for artist that other users can see.

Artboost only conveys the contact between you and the sellers. As such, Artboost doesn’t directly take part in the shipping of the artwork. If you haven’t received your artwork, please contact the seller through the chat on the order-page. If you cannot solve your situation together, we recommend that you contact us. 

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